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Claire Davis is a senior editor at She has resided in Houston Texas since 1982 and has been happily married for 28 years. She has no children but a very large extended family and believes that charity starts at home. Her background is a mixture of all things leading to advocating for conservative values and truth.  She is a  fierce supporter of our Constitution. Claire predicted Donald Trump would win the election for the President  the day he announced his candidacy and never wavered in that belief. She brings an intuitiveness and a unique insight to her columns mixing facts with opinion. She started writing for last month and we are very pleased to have her on our team. 

“Fake News and the #MSMISDEAD
“The New York Times is the National Enquirer and the National Enquirer is the New York Times.” – Jeff Rovin (The Fixer).
And the war wages on, taking its twists and turns. The media is a huge twist in this war. American’s are now forced into a position where they need to question everything they hear and see, both on TV and online, represented, as “news” and information. Is it the truth? Is it the unbiased truth? Is it a headline to click and end up in obscurity? Is it yet another pundit who wants to give us their opinion on something or someone when we never asked? Who can we now honestly say has an unbiased, fact driven news cycle?

How did we get here? What happened to the days of Walter Cronkite or Sunday evenings with Chet Huntley and David Brinkley? When exactly did we go from the “news” to “fake news” and extreme biases from the very people we look to for truth? It’s not that these men didn’t have political views, in fact Walter Cronkite was a very liberal democrat but he never brought his opinions into his reporting. 

I believe it’s a combination of many things that have brought us where we are today. The beginning of the 24/7 news cycle and then the 24/7 never ending cable news. I know this may come as a surprise to many but TV used to end at 2am and then a black and white fuzzy screen appeared until the next morning. You didn’t have 200+ channels. You had maybe 7 or 8. 24 hours with a minimum of at least 7 news stations is a lot of air time to fill. A whole lot of airtime. And you need a whole lot of people to fill the airtime. When CNN became the first cable 24/7 news station, launching June 1980, it completely changed the news cycle. Instead of morning and evening reporting, people now expected on demand news when it happens. For at least a decade CNN stayed with hard news coverage. CNN aired several other stations broadcasting on everything from money markets to daytime talk. But it wasn’t until the Gulf War that CNN News took off on both viewership and credibility. They were imbedded inside Iraq and able to provide live reports from the reporters on the ground. It was during the Gulf War that it became evident that CNN was indeed guilty of what many people were calling excessive “human interest stories” and avoiding the violent images creating a propagandistic presentation of the news. This was further emphasized by CNN’s biased coverage of then President Clinton’s scandalous affair with Monica Lewinsky. CNN was in the tank for the Democrats.

They were the only 24/7 cable news station on TV until 1996 when MSNBC came along. And now in 2016 the stations are endless. With the internet and online news, as well as radio and TV, people are inundated with an overwhelming amount of information to disseminate. And it’s not easy to know who is telling the truth without bias. In fact I can probably count on one hand who that might be. 
The late Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev said:” We will take America without firing a shot… we will bury you! “We can’t expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have communism. We do not have to invade the United States, we will destroy you from within.” 
I believe what has happened has been going on for decades but is now coming to a peak of fruition. Our educational system from kindergarten on up has been teaching our children that liberal progressivism is the only future this country needs. The Universities are spitting out progressive socialist journalists, if you can call them that, and then our media is giving them a platform to push their agenda relentlessly
We can’t protect our Constitution and everything it stands for if something isn’t done about our educational system and what we teach our children. The country is almost divided evenly in half but so much of that comes from illegal immigration and the liberal progressive left sowing and tending to those seeds for future votes, along with a progressive media fertilizing the grounds of socialism. The progressives want a one world order without boundaries or law and order. They are willing to give up their freedom for security and therefore deserve neither. 

We need to get back to conservative truth. Only we the people have the capability to change things. And it must start with changing the way we educate our children. An active and informed citizenry is necessary to the effective functioning of our constitutional system. All of us have an obligation to study the Constitution and participate actively in the system of self-government it establishes. This is an obligation we owe not only to ourselves and to our posterity, but to the Framers, who risked everything for freedom, and to the brave men and women who throughout our history have preserved the Constitution, often at the cost of their lives. 
Always beware of the media. All of the media. Question everything. Do your own research. Find the people you believe are being honest, trustworthy and who support our Constitution. They’re out there. They just sometimes get drowned out by meaningless blather and distractions that bear no consequences.

The 1st Amendment - Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Claire Davis 

December 11, 2016
Mark Twain – “If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uniformed. If you read the newspaper, you are misinformed”.
The untrustworthiness of our news sources has created a spaghetti bowl for those of us who are in search of hard news. When “fake news” is reporting on “fake news” we’ve got a problem. So again, where do we turn to find out what is going on in our country and the world around us? Most importantly what is our PEOTUS doing? How is he preparing to become the 45th President of the U.S.? Donald J. Trump realized a long time ago that the liberal biased MSM was going to take everything he said and twist it into something they could use again him. He’s been calling the media crooked liars for months. This is great for us because we will hear from the PEOTUS directly. He is committed to go straight to the people with his ideas, plans and excitement. It should come as no surprise to the #MSMISDEAD group that he wasn’t going to be using them for front line reporting on his actions. They are the reason this country remains divided. They continue to fuel the fire that creates ignorance, dependence and hate. The media hate it. But the people love it. PEOTUS is a man who gathers no moss. His is a brutal, nonstop, intense and focused path to bring America back to being a safe, prosperous, transparent and respected country. We the people who supported and voted for him are cheering loud while everyone else is still scratching their heads in bewilderment. 

He is taking time out during this grueling schedule to go to the places in the states that helped him win the election. He is on a thank you tour. He is going to the people of the heartland and talking directly to them about his plans for America and how he is going to do exactly what he said he would do. Imagine that. A politician who is going to do exactly what they campaigned on doing. Meanwhile all of the media covers his rallies and speeches for ratings and the viewers get the truth.
We are winning so much and PEOTUS has not yet begun. He is putting together a group of leaders who are among the brightest, intelligent, strongest, and loyal people in the world. He has selected more women for his Cabinet than any other President in history yet you don’t hear anything about this on cable news. They are too busy trying to figure out if the Russians hacked and helped elect Trump and how many investigations are needed. What a waste of our time. They haven’t gotten anything right in so long, I can’t remember. 

While everyone waits for the announcement of Secretary of State, Hillary made her first speech since her concession, talking about what? Fake news! How ironic that the queen of “fake news” who had all the “fake news” people doing her bidding throughout the election would be giving a speech on the dangers of “fake news”. Even though her Jill Stein led recount is going nowhere, Hillary has still not given up the ghost. She’s now putting her cards in the basket of “Russian Hackers and Fake News” are going to disqualify Donald trump for Presidency. How many times does one person want to lose an election?
Claire Davis

Amendment II 

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Who really rigged the election for Donald Trump?
“I have an opinion. I believe it was God. God showed up. He answered the prayers of hundreds of thousands of people across this land who had been praying for this country.” – Franklin Graham

As of Monday December 20th 2016, Donald J Trump officially became the United States of America’s 45th President. I think millions of people can now finally breathe a sigh of relief that no matter how hard the “never trump” campaign tried to stop it, they did not succeed. 
They tried everything. From the very beginning of his campaign when he announced he was going to run for president he simply got laughs and negative opinions from the media and pundits who didn’t realize that this was no ordinary candidate. Once it became evident he was going to be the nominee for the Republican Party, all the naysayers still couldn’t believe he would beat Hillary Clinton and the Clinton machine. All odds were against him. 

But his supporters knew. And I certainly knew. This was no ordinary election. Our country was in deep trouble. Traditional values were under attack. Christianity was being persecuted. Human life was becoming disposable. Law and order was becoming a thing of the past. Illegal immigration was over taking our country, driving both our economy and security into the ground. We knew we needed someone different. We needed a savior to come and bring our country back to where we had been before the attack on the values of the heartland of America.
Millions of people saw that savior in Donald Trump. He connected with the people who were sick and tired of the liberal progressive left wing message. He brought a message of true HOPE and restoration, something we all needed desperately. He went around the country and spoke directly to the people and his message resonated. He drew thousands of people to listen to what his vision for America was and we loved that message. The “never trumpers” continued to push him down every chance they got. Between the biased crooked media, the rino republicans, the elite establishment and the Clinton machine, it seemed to some as impossible for Trump to win.

Donald Trump did not start out as an especially religious or spiritual candidate, but God had already come into his heart and guided him towards his true destiny. People might say what an unlikely person to have such a destiny but God knows things that we do not. Jesus’s disciples were hardly perfect men but yet they achieved mighty things.

As the final fight began between Trump and Clinton, thousands upon thousands of Trumps supporters started praying for him. Praying for his safety. Praying for his success. Praying for America’s savior. Prayer is a mighty thing, a very powerful force. Some people would laugh this whole idea off as a joke but I would implore them to take a real look at what happened. It was spiritual warfare between good and evil. Trump represented everything that was good about traditional American values. Hillary represented everything that wasn’t. Trump spoke about love, encouragement, hope for country, cleaning out corruption in our government and giving it back to the people where it rightly belongs. Trump would say I’m with you. Hillary spoke about how terrible Trump would be as our President. She talked about nontraditional values, liberal progressive ideas that would weaken our country. With Hillary there was no chance of hope, peace, cleaning up corruption or giving the people a voice again. Her slogan was I’m with HER. She surrounded herself with liars, cheaters and thieves. People who come in the night to steal your joy while your sleeping. She was a corrupt candidate who stole millions and held no value for human life, except her own. Her policies were exactly the opposite of Trump’s. 

I believe that God prepares people from birth to achieve their true destiny and so it is with Donald Trump. Everything he’s done, every relationship he’s had, has lead him to this point and he is now ready for the most important legacy of his life. Good won over evil. 

So who rigged the system so Trump won? God, that’s who. “With God all things are possible”. 
Merry Christmas!

God Bless everyone and God Bless the United States of America!
Amendment III - No soldier shall in time of peace be quartered in any house, without consent of the Owner, nor in any time of war; but in a manner to be described by law.