Claire K. Davis Senior Editor Op Ed

Who really rigged the election for Donald Trump?
“I have an opinion. I believe it was God. God showed up. He answered the prayers of hundreds of thousands of people across this land who had been praying for this country.” – Franklin Graham

As of Monday December 20th 2016, Donald J Trump officially became the United States of America’s 45th President. I think millions of people can now finally breathe a sigh of relief that no matter how hard the “never trump” campaign tried to stop it, they did not succeed. 

They tried everything. From the very beginning of his campaign when he announced he was going to run for president he simply got laughs and negative opinions from the media and pundits who didn’t realize that this was no ordinary candidate. Once it became evident he was going to be the nominee for the Republican Party, all the naysayers still couldn’t believe he would beat Hillary Clinton and the Clinton machine. All odds were against him. 

But his supporters knew. And I certainly knew. This was no ordinary election. Our country was in deep trouble. Traditional values were under attack. Christianity was being persecuted. Human life was becoming disposable. Law and order was becoming a thing of the past. Illegal immigration was over taking our country, driving both our economy and security into the ground. We knew we needed someone different. We needed a savior to come and bring our country back to where we had been before the attack on the values of the heartland of America.

Millions of people saw that savior in Donald Trump. He connected with the people who were sick and tired of the liberal progressive left wing message. He brought a message of true HOPE and restoration, something we all needed desperately. He went around the country and spoke directly to the people and his message resonated. He drew thousands of people to listen to what his vision for America was and we loved that message. The “never trumpers” continued to push him down every chance they got. Between the biased crooked media, the rino republicans, the elite establishment and the Clinton machine, it seemed to some as impossible for Trump to win.

Donald Trump did not start out as an especially religious or spiritual candidate, but God had already come into his heart and guided him towards his true destiny. People might say what an unlikely person to have such a destiny but God knows things that we do not. Jesus’s disciples were hardly perfect men but yet they achieved mighty things.

As the final fight began between Trump and Clinton, thousands upon thousands of Trumps supporters started praying for him. Praying for his safety. Praying for his success. Praying for America’s savior. Prayer is a mighty thing, a very powerful force. Some people would laugh this whole idea off as a joke but I would implore them to take a real look at what happened. It was spiritual warfare between good and evil. Trump represented everything that was good about traditional American values. Hillary represented everything that wasn’t. Trump spoke about love, encouragement, hope for country, cleaning out corruption in our government and giving it back to the people where it rightly belongs. Trump would say I’m with you. Hillary spoke about how terrible Trump would be as our President. She talked about nontraditional values, liberal progressive ideas that would weaken our country. With Hillary there was no chance of hope, peace, cleaning up corruption or giving the people a voice again. Her slogan was I’m with HER. She surrounded herself with liars, cheaters and thieves. People who come in the night to steal your joy while your sleeping. She was a corrupt candidate who stole millions and held no value for human life, except her own. Her policies were exactly the opposite of Trump’s. 

I believe that God prepares people from birth to achieve their true destiny and so it is with Donald Trump. Everything he’s done, every relationship he’s had, has lead him to this point and he is now ready for the most important legacy of his life. Good won over evil. 

So who rigged the system so Trump won? God, that’s who. “With God all things are possible”. 


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