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    Dinner and Movie.

    this is the movie  and restaurant review section. i will only be saying nice things. i'm not a big fan of critics, you know, because they have no talent of their own.


    so i'm just going to tell you what i think about the movie or the meal in front of me. it's more fun this way, and nobody gets hurt, except maybe the critics, and i am totally ok with that.

    first up: LOVE and MERCY, about Brian Wilson...

    i don't go out to eat much, so for the restaurant part, you'll have to wait.

    LOVE and MERCY directed by Bill Pohlad:  

    great movie great cast. i mostly pick my movies by cast. it's directed and produced flawlessly, and it flows entertainingly, as it should. seamless, fun to watch.

     this is a big deal for me because i am a musician, i know what it takes,
    and... also, number one on my bucket list is to meet mr. brain wilson, maybe someday.
    he is truly an america treasure. i've waited a long time to see it.

    i am a big cusack's fan, john and joan both. this is john's best work, i have never seen him better (although runaway jury is in my top ten of all time) elizabeth banks sparkles, genuinely and generously, in the toughest role of the film..  
    paul g. (giamatti) nails his part everytime, he is the glue.
         paul dano takes the torch from dustin hoffman. 

    * * * * * 

    thanks for making this movie guys, could you do the same treatment for terry kath please ? that would be awesome.

    i'm not a big fan of critics of any kind, what is their talent ? so i will only have nice things to say here, same goes for the restaurants too. i will be handling these two areas myself, thank you for your continued support.
    scott e.

    thanks Brian Wilson, God only knows where we'd be without you.

    * * * * *



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