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  • we believe in the new age of citizen journalism. now we know that the mainstream media cannot be trusted, and mostly have become largely an agency of the executive branch.


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    when the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.     
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    you've been warned.....

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    global warming is a Ponzi scam:


    UNecessary ??

    Obama birth certificate controversy still brews. 

    (part one obots and probots)

    it's been awhile since i've written anything about the birth certificate and the obots.

    a couple of 
    days after the second coming of the original birth certificate on 4/27/11,

     i began to post and debate on 
    politicalforum.com.  originally i signed in as washingtonamerica.com, now i am simply scott e. at that locale.

    there was a healthy debate going on about the mechanics and probability of the newly released  pdf on the whitehouse

    server,  i started to notice a great many other glitches in the obama provenance. 

    scandals also started to pop up (solyndra, fast and furious, irs, drone usage... etc) then  benghazi happened,  just before the election.... and i started to notice similarities between benghazi and the birth certificate. they were being handled the same way politically, and strategically.  dr. charles Krauthammer commented:  "they have treated Benghazi like a burglary". so too goes the president's personal history. even his "own" biographies are filled with mystery and wrong facts. they were written as fiction, accepted by an adoring public as gospel. the whole thing was rooted in message shaping, it was done perfectly, and so many Americans bought the dream.

    there was also a rigorous debate about the constitutional eligibility, of the article two usage of the phrase "natural born". this term is unique to the offices of president and vice. there is no legal precedent. wikepedia defines it as undefined. but what interested me was not that, or even where the president was born.

    what I always wanted to know is this simple: has the administration or the democrat machine done anything to cover or obfuscate Obama's past, so he could be president? remember with Watergate, it wasn't the original act, it was in the aftermath, that caused nixon to fall from grace. has the administration used threats or coerced anyone to not come forward with what they may know ? is Hawaii in on the conspiracy? is the senate resolution 511 a sign or a clue? is it political brilliance, I think it was. distraction can be a valuable tool.

    going back to the beginning (4/27/11), for me,  i was stunned by two things, the organizational expertise of the obots

    (obama internet operatives), and the disengagement of the United States main stream media.

    now, there is no surprise here, when it comes to the media stumping for, and insulating the whitehouse from 1st amendment detriment.  for the most part the media is another department of the executive branch, this has been proven before.

    he (they) have been enjoying the fourth pillar as an accomplis to the radical left wing chicago way

    agenda. i think people ar beginning to see the way this administration operates, i saw it very

    clearly with the passing of the ACA (obama care). this was going to be a partisan strong arming  product of political America. they gamble and lost, because they won obamacare. the American people gamble on the liberals, they were the losers in this overall design to redistribute wealth.

    so, i'm following the political forum and i begin to see what i perceive, jumped off the page as "ringers", they were

    answering all the questions about eligibility and the documentation. they had an explaination for

    every detail. but more than that, they were aggressive and mean.  then along came the experts, john woodman and kevin davidson and a few others, both of whom spent

    hundreds, if not thousands of hours trying to sell the narrative of mr. obama's past being pure.

    that led me to the fogbow. many of the same names keep poping up. fogbow is a curious group of

    sophomoric egghead radicals (even a few communists), many are lawyers, most are very bright.  i say

    sophomoric because of their penchant for punking the opposition,  and the spectacularly overt use of saul alinsky's rules for radicals.  they like to provoke people with their antics, then giggle and poke each other with delight. they are enchanted with themselves for being so damn clever. we'll see how clever they are. to me they seem to be in retreat, as of late.

    hillary clinton is an expert on saul alinky, and i can say, as native of the chicago are, this theme runs pervasive throughout the chicago way, and the current democrat institution in it's lineage is from the history of Chicago politics, corruption and cronyism have become high art.

    i am an informal student of human behavior. one of the things that piqued my interest is the counterintuitive theme of the obots condemning the very questioning of anything to do with the obama's past. at the same time they would always say how trivial and silly the subject was, all the while dedicating tremendous time and resource to "control the boards", to educate the public.  I can also say the subject has been marginalized even "kept out of site" by some political forums. this can only be achieved by the backstage doings of forum moderators. obviously without behind the scene access, I couldn't prove that such a relationship exists. we are just beginning now to hear inklings of direct ties (ip address) to the whitehouse and Chicago. I think there will be stories about that in the future.

    the terry lakin trial: fogbow was at the the trial of dr. terry lakin, the first and most famous victum of this historic caper. the trial and tribulation of doctor lakin is a subject to big to include here, and deserves to be addressed with that respect and care. obot interest in the outcome of that landmark trial, has always seemed unnatural to me.

    the probots (internet operatives) are thorough. they have left a trail of ridicule, caustic reviews, attacks and punking that will take years to unravel. they operate as a pack. I have seen attacks to diminish singled out targets, those who dare to ask the difficult questions. the campaign to squash discussion of the subject is prevelant, and contrary to the very things these liberals used to stand for. recall those "question authority" bumper stickers ? they weren't on conservatives' cars.

    why all this ?  i would ask the obots why they have such a coordinated presence, why they came to the forums to tell me how much of their time i am wasting. this theme of opposites is  within the foundation of  the curiousity i have, i still want to know why the subject is largely tabboo.  my tag line at pf is "google obama birth certificate, you may be astounded".

    the organised effort to negate the essence of dr. jermome corsi's book "where's the birth certificate" by esquire magazine, has always been a red flag for me. i am still skeptical of the execution of osama bin laden, the timing of it all. Hollywood theatrics in the white house?  look at the playbook I say.

    this is all theory, but before this, i was never a "conspiracy theorist"  of any kind.

    i can see now this will be a series of articles, but i would like to leave you for now with these thoughts. why are their obots in the first place ? are they probots ? are they being compensated somehow ? is there a probot trail leading back to the whitehouse basement ?  why is this controversy still raging on ?

     one time i visited the fogbow website, and their obama life story page was "under construction". i thought, how appropriate.

    every famous obot had to be outed, why is that ? why are they so aggressive, at the same time trivalising their coordinated efforts to sell the narrative. some of their main players still remained not publically identified, working instead from the shadows and sidelines. if there is no story here , why is there an army of obots all at ? why in the world at least aren't they transparent ?? someone needs to start being transparent, this prior presidential promise of transparency isn't clear.

    now we appear to be on the eve of  another information wave.  thanks to the boundless dedication by mike zullo and joe arpio's posse, the story promises to take a different turn, this time toward real transparency. I have always maintained: if there is a scandal here, nothing will stop the facts from spillling out, no campaign will be able to prevent it. it was always odd to me how many times the obots have declared the issue dead or over. I think we all know better than that now. the obots pretend not to be interested or worried, yet they continue to monitor the situation closely.

    benghazi and the birth certificate: 

     if someone can see the election element of  Benghazi, as anything but a political coverup, i'd like to know how. there is pattern behavior here.

    this whole thing started for me because i am a musician, i have gotten pretty good at spotting the poser and the "fake it till you make it" players, a poser is someone who may look great on stage, but simply doesn't play an instrument or sing well. i think this describes well the inexperienced administration antics we have now, but that's not a crime. 

     this is not the work of one man, but the desire and execution of a political machine. i strongly feel that history will bear this out. the scariest part about all of this is the media's complicit performance.  I believe it is epic, at the heart of this story, and it will change the course of  journalism in America forever. we are in a new era of citizen journalism, an era that cannot arrive quickly enough.

    wounded warrior project

    our democratic friends and world neighbors in peace....
    we support israel !



    WashingtonAmerica political party
     of the future....

    opening july fourth 2014

    combining citizen journalism with a fresh attitude for politics, leading from in front.

    giving independents a name and a place to call home. combining the best of the two parties we have now.

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    we believe that the founding fathers and mothers would be furious
    (fit to be tied) at the size and scope of our federal government. they certainly would not be happy with a president who was trying to take this country toward socialism.

    chipping away at liberty is never a good idea.

    we will demand the truth. and real transparency, not just the convenient political kind.






    god bless our troops and their families...

    Washington D.C. is a wonderful city with lots of history.

    this video (below) is very telling, the white house pressroom used to have integrity, now instead of protecting the people, the media is now working to protect the president. think about how different the press is with Obama, then they were with Nixon.

    lester, in this video was in the press room during that administration as well. just watch how the entire room tries to drown him out when he questions Obama documentation.

    question authority:

    remember question authority bumber stickers from the sixties ??

  • alinsky madness will herald the end of our sweet republic ??
  • have any of your lib/dem friends been acting like this lately??
    this is the liberal mantra

    RULE 1: “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.” Power is derived from 2 main sources – money and people. “Have-Nots” must build power from flesh and blood.

    RULE 2: “Never go outside the expertise of your people.” It results in confusion, fear and retreat. Feeling secure adds to the backbone of anyone.

     RULE 3: “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy.” Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty.

  • RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.
  • RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.
  • RULE 6: “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.” They’ll keep doing it without urging and come back to do more. They’re doing their thing, and will even suggest better ones.
  • RULE 7: “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.” Don’t become old news.
  • RULE 8: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.” Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new.
  • RULE 9: “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” Imagination and ego can dream up many more consequences than any activist.
  • RULE 10: "The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition." It is the unceasing pressure that will result in the reaction of the opposition that is essential for the success of the campaign.
  • RULE 11: “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.” Violence from the other side can win the public to your side because the public sympathizes with the underdog.
  • RULE 12: “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.” Never let the enemy score points because you’re caught without a solution to the problem.
  • RULE 13: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.
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